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Commuting is bad for your happiness – and your health


So bad that research shows chronic commuters run increased risks of obesity, divorce, neck pain, stress, worry, and sleeplessness.

What’s worse, commuting robs you of precious time – time that could be spent socializing with friends and family, walking your dog, or relaxing on the couch with a good book. No wonder why people with long commutes feel less rested, lonelier, and experience less enjoyment overall.

Commuting affects your waistline – and your wallet

The more time we spend commuting, we spend less time exercising and making healthy meals at home. Longer periods of time on the road means more fast food on-route, and as a result: weight gain!
If all this isn’t convincing enough – what about the money you waste on your daily commute?

Take this example:
Commute time (daily –return trip) 1.5 hours
Time lost (weekly) 7.5 hours
Gas expense (weekly – on average) $50

Based on the average 90 minute round-trip commute per work day, chronic commuters are spending nearly the equivalent of an entire work day in their car per week (effectively working 6 days instead of 5!). And guzzling $50 of gas per week really does add up – in fact, to $2,600 per year. That kind of money could be better spent on an annual holiday, and that’s before taking into account the added expense of vehicle maintenance and miscellaneous costs like oil, tires, car washes and windshield wiper fluid.

There’s no such thing as a chronic commute at Zibi

No one likes commuting – so why do it?
At Zibi you don’t have to. With a selection of Ottawa condos and townhomes and Gatineau condos situated on the banks of the Ottawa River spanning downtown Gatineau and Ottawa – Zibi is close to work, play and everything in between. With an easy 15 minute bike ride to downtown or 5 minute walk to public transit or Gatineau, you can say goodbye to a car (be healthier), the gas (be richer) and the road-rage (be happier). Plus you’re contributing to a more sustainable future by decreasing the amount of emissions being pumped into the air.


By applying the best practices in walking, biking, roadway and parking design, Zibi’s green community of condos and towns offers a walkable community concept with no need for a car. Here you can live an exceptionally unique and balanced lifestyle in a green community combining the best of urbanity and healthy-living principles with a vibrant waterfront.

To learn more about Canada’s most sustainable urban community, call 613-224-0134, email [email protected] or drop into our state-of-the art Sales Centre located at 3 Rue Eddy, Gatineau and find the Ottawa condo, Ottawa town or Gatineau condo that’s right for you.

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