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Choosing to live a zero-carbon lifestyle at Zibi: An Aalto resident’s story


As Canada’s first and only One Planet Living® endorsed community, Zibi has a lot to live up to. Each year, the community sets concrete goals around the 10 One Planet principles, which range from health & happiness, land & nature, equity & local economy to zero carbon energy.    

This year, Zibi will happily report that all its energy needs are now being met with zero carbon sources thanks to the extension of its district energy system (DES) into its Ottawa offices and residences. The DES was first introduced in 2022 for Zibi’s Gatineau buildings.  

With such ambitious goals and a true commitment to One Planet Living, Zibi is an ideal place to live and work for anyone concerned with reducing or limiting their carbon footprint.

Zibi’s zero carbon energy system is one of the main reasons Guy Faubert, pictured above, turned his sights to Zibi when he decided to relocate from his Hintonburg apartment two years ago.

“The fact that Zibi was offering zero carbon heating and cooling through its district energy system, was definitely part of my decision to move there,” said Faubert, an engineer who works at the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada. “I’ve always been concerned with environmental issues, in my personal and professional life, so living in a sustainable community was quite appealing to me.”

Faubert was also pleasantly surprised to find out that the cost of heating and cooling his West-facing apartment on the 9th floor of Aalto was about the same as what he was paying before. And that it was quiet, responsive, and easy to control from an app on his phone.

While many people may not take into consideration how their offices, condos or apartments are heated and cooled, for some like Faubert, it is becoming a deciding factor.

Learn how Zibi is using industrial waste to heat and cool its buildings in this CBC News: The National report. 

In addition to the sustainable measures Zibi undertakes in its planning and development, its central location and proximity to both Ottawa and Gatineau downtowns, is also conducive to a reduced carbon footprint lifestyle.

Indeed, Faubert, an avid cross-country skier, has enjoyed the proximity to both the Gatineau Park and the new Kichi Sibi winter trail in Ottawa. The multi-use pathways on both sides of the river, and the access to transit, is also quite convenient.

“It’s pretty great to live across the bridge from my office on Chaudière Island, and to be able to ski or bike right outside my door,” continued Faubert.


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