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Zibi, Canada’s only One Planet Living community releases 2022 report card


What makes Zibi one of the most sustainable communities in Canada? It’s our commitment to adhering to the 10 principles of the world-class One Planet Living framework developed by Bioregional and the World Wildlife Fund to promote a world where everyone lives within the limits of the one planet we have, leaving space for nature.

More than just a plan to achieve zero carbon, One Planet Living includes measures like health and happiness, culture and community, land and nature, and more.

This framework really does guide every facet of Zibi’s growing development. Zibi has a concrete One Planet Action Plan, with concrete goals and concrete measures to track progress. If the targets aren’t met by the end of development, Zibi can no longer claim to be a One Planet Community.

Despite being an evolving community, Zibi has been reporting on its OPL goals since 2018.

The report can been accessed here.

Here are some highlights of the 2022 One Planet Living Annual Report:

  • Culture and Community – In 2022, Zibi’s population doubled as the newest rental building, Aalto Suites, with 162 affordable units, reached 90% capacity. With that, Zibi saw bigger turn outs at community events and many residents reported that they know at least one neighbour, so a sense of community is developing.
  • Land and Nature – All of the species planted on site are native and over half of them have cultural or historical significance.
  • Sustainable Water – Zibi residents are consuming up to 40% less water than the national average.
  • Zero Waste – The condo buildings are diverting on average 53% of household waste, which is much better than the regional average for multi-residential buildings (17%), slightly better than Ottawa’s overall curbside waste diversion rate (49%), and a good start to hitting our 70% target.
  • Equity and Local Economy – The One Planet Living Centre has begun featuring local businesses as an interactive station for visitors.
  • Local and Sustainable Food – Zibi has partnered with Two Beets Farm to offer weekly locally-grown vegetable delivery to residents
  • Zero Carbon Energy – The Zibi Community Utility district energy system saw its first year of operations in 2022 resulting in a 38% saving in emissions in its first year.

What’s next?

2023 promises to be a great year for this One Planet Living community as the new Tesanini park and the Chaudière Bridge are opened, the ZCU operates to full capacity, a new Indigenous Participation Plan is put in place, and new residents move into a new rental building on the Ottawa side.

The future at Zibi is exciting and green as the community continues to grow and take shape! To learn more, register here .


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