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Upsize Your Life Through Downsizing Your Home: 7 Benefits to Downsizing

While previously considered more of an obligation than a choice, downsizing is now a veritable trend. There are many reasons why people are forgoing large single unit houses in favour of smaller and more modest spaces, such as condos. Whether you’re saying goodbye to the family home or you simply want to simplify and streamline your life, here are 7 benefits to downsizing:


Less Space = Less Clutter

Every spring, the same story. You imagine your house completely de-cluttered, donating half of your wares, having that massive outdoor garage sale, and living that new minimalist life. But sadly good intentions, like New Year’s resolutions, rarely translate to tangible results. But this is your opportunity to finally make good on those yearly promises because, let’s face it, you don’t really have a choice when moving into a smaller space. Take stock of everything you own, prioritize, and start shedding that dead weight—you’ll feel so much lighter.


Keeping It Rural


You might be forgoing your large backyard, but that does not mean you have to abandon the outdoor activities that went with it. Urban agriculture is all the rage, meaning eating fresh veggies from your own garden is still definitely an option. Transform your balcony into a bustling garden during the summer months, and add a pop of colour to your kitchen with an easy indoor herb garden. Take your fitness routine outdoors and discover nearby parks and bicycle paths.


Embrace The Urban Life

Rejoice, you’re now right in the middle of the action. Zibi offers you waterfront condos located right in the downtown core. Never worry about the commute to and from your social outings. Leave the car at home, have the extra glass of wine, and bask in your new urban lifestyle. You can walk home after a night on the town, or stay home and order in from your now endless options of international cuisine right at your fingertips.


CreativityGet Creative With Your Spaces

Decorating-wise, some people believe smaller spaces can be a bit of a challenge, but we see an opportunity for creativity. Channel your inner interior designer and discover the endless DIY and home décor projects on Pinterest. Maximize your space by choosing multifunctional furniture that will help give your rooms multiple vocations. Organization is key, and a smaller space can allow you to live a more structured life.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When you start thinking about the amount of energy you need when heating or cooling a large home, your daily water usage, not to mention the environmental burden involved in the construction of a single unit house, you quickly realize that a larger home also means a significantly larger carbon footprint. In opting for a condo, especially in an eco-friendly LEED-certified one, you ostensibly share the burden with all the other tenants, reducing your individual carbon footprint.


More Time = More Freedom

Cycling_UrbanThe general maintenance of your home can be a drag. Let’s be real, wouldn’t you rather spend more time catching up on your ever-expanding “to read” list than dusting surfaces you barely use? Having a lawn is great until you have to spend hours cutting the grass, raking the leaves, pruning the hedges, and weeding your flowerbeds. Also, less maintenance means more freedom. Take that extra week in Central America without worrying about paying a house-sitter. And that pesky home insurance clause forcing you to have somebody visit your home every few days? No longer an issue.


Think Of The Savings

We mentioned the amount of energy you’ll be saving when downsizing to a smaller space, but think about how those savings will be reflected on your utilities bill. The general upkeep of a house can also be a huge strain on the wallet, and condo-life offers a less costly alternative. Many of the extra services you used to outsource will now be included in your condo fees. You’ll also find yourself with far fewer rooms to fill with unnecessary furniture. It’s the perfect time highlight your great pieces and make a few bucks selling off the rest.

Regardless of the reason you’re considering downsizing, it no longer needs to be a stress-inducing experience. In our next article, we’ll be discussing the 5 things you should consider before starting the process. Make sure you sign up to receive our updates because you definitely won’t want to miss our future instalments.


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