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Reasons to love living at Zibi!


There are a million reasons to love living at Zibi, but on this Valentine’s Day, here are 11 reasons our residents love living here!

1. The Location! Straddling the Ottawa River, with views of the Chaudière Falls, Parliament Hill, the Supreme Court with magnificent sunrises and sunsets in the East and the West, Zibi’s location cannot be beat in the National Capital Region.

2. The Events! Zibi is home to world-class events like the Cirque du Soleil, Canada Day festivities which make it the place to be all year long!

3. The Zibees! Avéole, a local beekeeping organization has set up a beehive at Zibi and hold workshops for our residents to meet the bees, taste their honey and learn about beekeeping!

4. The Beets! Zibi is a drop off location for Two Beets, a local farm-to-table producer. Zibi also has planter boxes and encourages residents to grow their own food onsite.

5. The Beats! Zibi is walking distance from le Vieux-Hull and RBC Ottawa Bluesfest, and is home to the Festibière – all of which support and present amazing live musical acts.

6. The Moves! Located next to the multi-use pathways in Ottawa and Gatineau, Zibi is the perfect location for residents who like to walk, bike, run, cross-country ski, and move. Zibi also hosts weekly yoga sessions for residents and visitors.

7. The Tastes! Zibi is home to many culinary and tasting events like Rendez-vous des saveurs, le Salon des Assoifés, and le Festibière. In the summer, it also has a pop up ice cream shop right next to the Interzip Rogers in the Panorama room.

8. The Social! Happiness is a key index of Zibi’s One Planet Principles, and Zibi has made it a priority to encourage and create social events for its residents, including walking groups, summer socials, and more.

9. The Art! All through Zibi, residents and visitors will find artworks from local and Indigenous artists, including our benches, bike racks, murals, and lobby installations.

10. The Learning! Zibi has partnered with Indigenous organizations to host workshops such as medicine bag making, and more. It also opened the One Planet Living Centre to teach residents and visitors about sustainable living.

11. The Earth! Zibi intends to be a zero carbon community, and adheres by the One Planet Community framework. As of last May, Zibi has been heating and cooling all its buildings through a district energy system, which residents can visit.

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