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Yoga, parties, bees, and bike tours. How living at Zibi will make you happy!


Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live in Canada’s first One Planet Living® community? Is it all recycling and district energy? No! It is so much more than that.

One Planet Living is a vision of the world where everyone, everywhere can live happy and healthy within the limits of the planet, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness. The framework is made up of 10 principles, three of which are very much focused on the health and happiness of Zibi residents.

Let’s have a look at how these principles benefit the hundreds of residents already living at Zibi.

Health & Happiness: Yoga, gyms and co-working spaces!

Before anyone even called Zibi home, yoga sessions were being held on this site. Set against some of Zibi’s most beautiful views and backdrops, these yoga lessons have attracted hundreds of participants over the years, setting the tone for a balanced and healthy way of life. And with athletic facilities in all its residential buildings, as well as theatre rooms, co-working spaces and more, Zibi living is conducive to a happy and healthy lifestyle – right at your door.

Culture & Community: Brewery bike tours, BBQs and street parties!

Zibi’s One Planet team – and many of its residents – are focused on creating a true community at Zibi. As such, a sustainability committee, made up of Zibi renters and owners, has put in place numerous activities to ensure that residents get to know one another, and have the opportunity to build a supportive community. Activities have included sustainability workshops, BBQs, and street parties. Later this summer, residents will be invited to take part in a brewery bike tour, mixology lessons, and a terrace party to celebrate the opening of Aalto II. And of course, residents and visitors alike benefit from all of the amazing cultural events held at Zibi, including Cirque du Soleil’s return in August of this year!

Local & Sustainable Food: Farmers’ boxes, ZeeBees, and gardening!

While Zibi is hard at work reintroducing native flora to the islands and waterfronts, it is also focused on promoting and creating local and sustainable food sources. This includes working with local farms to bring free box delivery to Zibi, making honey from the ZeeBee hives, which have been onsite for many years already, and creating community gardens with the help of our committees made up of Zibi residents. Zibi also has a goal to bring a grocery store onsite in the future.

A happy and healthy lifestyle in one of the national capital region’s most picturesque communities awaits. Register today to learn more about opportunities to live at Zibi.


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