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A change of scenery, closer to the action and to the water

Resident testimonial

For Julie Boissoneau, moving to Aalto x Zibi in the Fall of 2022 was all about getting closer – closer to the water, closer to the sun, closer to the office. A public servant who had lived in Masson-Angers for the past 10 years, Boissoneau decided it was time for a lifestyle change – one that greatly reduced the amount of time spent in her car, and brought her closer to the action.

Not only is Boissoneau now living next to the Ottawa River, steps away from downtown Gatineau and Ottawa, but she is closer to her office, and ecstatic to have reduced her carbon footprint.

“I was spending 2 hours in my car each day, and spending an inordinate amount of money on gas,” says Boissoneau. “Now I can spend that time relaxing at home, enjoying the magnificent views from my 13th-floor apartment.

“I can follow the sun from its rise over the Château Laurier, all the way to mid-afternoon over the Supreme Court, and at night, I can see the glowing sunset reflecting from the downtown buildings as the moon rises over Ottawa. It’s spectacular.”

Boissoneau, who works in a lab at the Experimental Farm, wanted to spend her last few months as a public servant living a life of peace on the urban waterfront. She is planning to retire shortly, and to return to her hometown in Quebec.

“It was time for me to let go of all the responsibilities and costs of home ownership,” she says. “Renting at Aalto was the perfect opportunity for me to enjoy the river, and the conveniences of downtown living.”

To find out more about riverfront rental living at Aalto x Zibi, visit https://aaltosuites.ca/.

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