Wrapping Up #ZibiBike - Zibi

Wrapping Up #ZibiBike

While we’ve tried our best to be mindful of where we placed the bikes, the beautiful weather of the past weeks has brought out even more cyclists than normal for the time of year. As such, we have decided to end the #ZibiBike campaign a week early and will be removing the bikes on Monday, April 20th to ensure that Ottawa and Gatineau’s cyclists can take full advantage of bike parking. One bike will remain in each city for the duration of contest.

We recognize the contest is ending a bit early, and we wouldn’t want Causeway to be shortchanged in any way. We committed to matching every post with a dollar, but instead we’re going to match every post with $6!

We want to thank everyone who has posted their amazing selfies and helped us to support Causeway and its Right Bike and Cycle Salvation programs who contribute so much to cycling culture in Ottawa. The goal of this campaign was to promote and encourage cycling in the community, and Causeway and its projects are great advocates!


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