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What the LeBreton Flats Redevelopment means to Zibi

With Zibi sitting on the edge of LeBreton Flats, you could imagine our excitement when the NCC announced it was taking proposals for this seemingly forgotten parcel of significant land. Situated along the river and near Chaudière Falls, this area has been without a community since 1960. Its redevelopment represents a unique opportunity to create a vibrant urban centre that will transform Ottawa.

On January 26 th and 27th 2016, the public was presented with two competitive proposals for the area; Illumination LeBreton and LeBreton Re-Imagined. The ambitious bids include museums, parks, plazas and notably, an NHL arena. Both have a focus on Canadian heritage, connectivity and boast various degrees of environmental conservation. Illumination, with its sustainability plan based on the One Planet framework, is set to create one of the largest and most sustainable eco-districts in North America, if not globally.

Illumination LeBreton rendering showing a snapshot of their proposed landscape.

PHOTO_Aerial-view_Vue-aerienneAerial view of the Science & Innovation Pavilion conceptualized by LeBreton Re-Imagined.

The revival of this area is long overdue and the timing perfectly coincides with the arrival of Zibi’s sustainably designed multi-use community of condos and townhomes mixed with parks, plazas, commercial and retail spaces. It means sporting events, concerts and festivals right next door; access to the LRT and other public transit systems; an endless selection of local restaurants and retail; a short walk to museums, cultural centres, a library, and much more. All alongside the Ottawa River.

On a broader scale, increased activity means more jobs for our community and an inevitable rise in the value of Zibi’s condos and townhomes. A recent study has shown that urban properties within 5km of a stadium and within 500m of a light rail are proven to increase in price by approximately 40%*. The increase is most dramatic in urban settings, particularly if combined with urban amenities and public space.

The LeBreton redevelopment will no doubt become one of Ottawa’s most cherished ‘hoods and yield great results for Zibi and its purchasers, the community and the National Capital Region.

Have your say on the future of LeBreton Flats!

We invite you to consider both proposals and share your comments with the NCC: ncclebretonconsultationccnlebreton.environics.ca

Great things are on the horizon for LeBreton Flats and we can’t wait to see it all come to life, right next door!

*Source: REIN (2015, October), The Impact of Stadium Construction on Real Estate Values.


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