The box stores of suburbia are a sea of sameness – break free! - Zibi

The box stores of suburbia are a sea of sameness – break free!

In today’s increasingly cookie cutter world, businesses with distinctive character like artisan shops, independent cafes and restaurants and unique bars provide variety and creativity – less of the same, and more one-of-a-kind finds, and memorable experiences with options suited to your personal tastes.

In addition to providing one-of-a-kind offerings, local businesses benefit the community better than big box stores do. For example:

· Local stores keep dollars in the local economy – unlike National box store chains.
· Locally-owned businesses build strong communities, inspiring passion in those who live within.
· Local stores keep communities walkable, contributing to environmental sustainability by reducing vehicle dependency, pollution and habitat loss.
· Unique retailers often offer more product choice, based on their specific interests and needs of their local customers.

Mixed in with the Ottawa condos and towns and Gatineau condos of Zibi, you’ll find an eclectic mix of some of the hottest boutiques, cafes and eateries – where you can sample French, English and Algonquin culture and heritage. Within Zibi’s pedestrian-focused green community, a number of sophisticated upmarket food, beverage and shopping retailers are planned, each with local character and uniqueness contributing to a truly vibrant community.

At Zibi you can live an exceptionally unique and balanced lifestyle combining the best of urbanity and healthy-living principles with a vibrant waterfront.

To learn more about Canada’s most sustainable urban community, call 613-224-0134, email [email protected] or drop into our state-of-the art Sales Centre located at 3 Rue Eddy, Gatineau and find the Ottawa condo, Ottawa town or Gatineau condo that’s right for you.

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