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Spirit of #zibibike

Thank you for all the feedback we’ve received to date on our #zibibike campaign.

We love biking as much as you do. In fact, one of our development principles was to create one of the bike-friendliest communities in the world.

The spirit of the campaign is to grow and encourage biking and bike culture in the region. For every orange bike “selfie” photo posted with #zibibike hashtag, Windmill Developments will donate $1 towards Causeway (@CausewayWork), and its programs Right Bike (@RightBikeOttawa) and Cycle Salvation (@CycleSalvation), to help making biking more accessible to our communities.

We chose to run this campaign for a few weeks in April so that it was prior to biking season being in full swing. At this time of year there is lots of bike parking, and we were very mindful about where these were located. Throughout the campaign we have, and will continue to, monitor the bike traffic in these areas and move any bikes we feel are necessary to ensure sufficient bike parking continues to be made available to the public. We have not destroyed any usable bikes. The bikes that were functional to start with remain useable and will continue to be used following the campaign.

We hope the spirit of the campaign and its intended pro-bike messaging will be embraced, raising more funds to support the great work done through Causeway and its programs, and ultimately grow awareness to contribute to a growing bike community. For full details, click here.


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