Sick of cloned townhomes and condos in a subdivision maze where every home looks the same? - Zibi

Sick of cloned townhomes and condos in a subdivision maze where every home looks the same?

Repetition is boring – and can be confusing when you can’t tell your home from the next. Plus, there’s no room for originality in identical, undistinguishable developments of cookie-cutter homes, towns and condos.

At Zibi, you’ll never mistake your neighbour’s home for your own.

There are many factors that will set your Ottawa condo or town or Gatineau condo at Zibi apart from the next, like a variety of different architects engaged in the building design process, so that no two buildings look exactly alike.

What’s more, Zibi will be built using a number of re-purposed materials from the existing buildings, to preserve the site’s rich cultural heritage, while putting environmental sustainability at the forefront.

Through adaptive reuse design, Zibi will blend heritage architecture with modern design. Using a contrast of materials like natural stone, brick, steel, concrete remnants and wood, Zibi’s mix of low and mid-rise buildings, condos, towns, and public spaces will boast a unique and personality-filled distinctive look you won’t find anywhere else.

Here you can live an exceptionally unique and balanced lifestyle in a green community combining the best of urbanity and healthy-living principles with a vibrant waterfront.

To learn more about Canada’s most sustainable urban community, call 613-224-0134, email [email protected] or drop into our state-of-the art Sales Centre located at 3 Rue Eddy, Gatineau and find the Ottawa condo, Ottawa town or Gatineau condo that’s right for you.

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