Le rendez-vous des saveurs makes its grand comeback! - Zibi

Le rendez-vous des saveurs makes its grand comeback!

Gatineau, Thursday April 26th, 2018 – It is with excitement and enthusiasm that the organizing committee of LE RENDEZ-VOUS DES SAVEURS, PRESENTED BY ZIBI, announced the event’s grand comeback. The 21st edition, held from May 18th to 20th, of this gourmet rendez-vous is being renewed and will take place in one of the most unique buildings in Gatineau; Building 6 at Zibi site, at the corner of Montcalm Street and Alexandre-Taché Boulevard.

“Building 6 is undoubtedly the perfect place to hold such a culinary celebration and thus, mark the event’s grand comeback! The local foodies and tourists alike will definitely want to add this cultural and gastronomic event to their calendar “, says Claude Hamelin, Chairman and CEO of LE RENDEZ-VOUS DES SAVEURS. “In addition to discovering the culinary delights and wineries of the Outaouais, the public will be transported in an unparalleled atmosphere in one of the most beautiful and mysterious buildings in Gatineau! ”


We are proud to announce a brand new culinary circuit activity, in collaboration with the BAILLIAGE DE L´OUTAOUAIS DE LA CHAÎNE DES RÔTISSEURS. This mouth watering activity will begin with an aperitif and appetizers at LE RENDEZ-VOUS DES SAVEURS and then continue with different courses in three restaurants within walking distance to the site, and will bring you back to the site for a delicious dessert. You will discover the products of Les 2 RAISINS, LE RITUEL, LE CELLIER, LES VILAINS GARÇONS and LE RUSTIEK. This gourmet promenade with a multi-step meal is available now in limited quantities at a cost of $ 135 per person.

LE RENDEZ-VOUS DES SAVEURS is also an opportunity to network with food lovers such as yourself. Chefs Benjamin Alarie and Éliane Neveu of the TOURNÉE DES CHEFS GOÛTEZ LE QUÉBEC presented by IGA will host a variety of culinary demonstrations throughout the weekend with Chef Gérard Fisher as a guest. Among the beautiful discoveries you will make, let us mention the great return of the TABLE DES 3 VALLÉES, the BOUCHERIE DE LA FERME, the chocolate delicacies of ROCHEF CHOCOLATIER, the products of L’ÉRABLIÈRE BO-SIROP and the magnificent cutting boards of DE L’ARBRE À VOTRE TABLE, to name a few …

Daily admissions and 3-day passports for LE RENDEZ-VOUS DES SAVEURS are on sale online at: www.RendezVousDesSaveurs.com


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