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Zibi recognized by the International Society of City and Regional Planners

On the heels of winning the Pierre L’Enfant International Planning Achievement Award in 2015 and the Canadian Institute of Planners’ Award for Planning Excellence in Neighbourhood Planning, Windmill Development Group and Dream Unlimited Corp. are proud to announce that Zibi was chosen as the Grand Prize Winner for the ISOCARP Award for Excellence during the 52nd edition of their annual world congress in Durban, South Africa. This year’s theme, “Cities we Have vs. Cities we Need,” is particularly well aligned with Zibi’s goal of creating one of the world’s most sustainable and environmentally conscious communities on the planet, and we couldn’t be more humbled by this recognition by the International Society of City and Regional Planners. Read the official press release here.

After four years of research, countless hours, and not to mention no small amount of sweat and tears, the Zibi Master Plan is our pride and joy. But more than that, it’s the representation of the Zibi dream and its guiding light. It’s no secret that our plan to transform the derelict land into a community that blends residential, commercial, retail, unique waterfront plazas and outdoor squares, recreational facilities, and so much more, is more than ambitious, it’s virtually unparalleled. Which is why a project of this magnitude requires foresight, expertise, collaboration, and most importantly, audacity. We can proudly say that our Master Plan has achieved, and even surpassed our own goals, and it is with gratitude that we accept these acknowledgements from world-class urban planning experts.

The string of national and international awards recognizes that Zibi is more than parks and plazas, more than condominiums and townhouses, and more than retail and commercial spaces; it is the careful blend of all these ingredients, taking into account sun and wind patterns, views, walkability, culture, history, liveability and sense of place that makes Zibi entirely unique. We are grateful to our world-class team, including Perkins + Will, PFS, FoTenn, DSEL, Thomas Consultants, Niblett, Barry Padolsky and many more.

But a Master Plan does not a community make, and it’s with renewed vigour and enthusiasm that we embark on the future phases of the Zibi dream. Through community engagement, cultural programming, and reconciliation, we believe that Zibi will become an integral part of the National Capital region. With two residential offerings already for sale, one in Gatineau and one in Ottawa, wonderful interest from the commercial sector, and much more to come, we hope that you’ll follow us in this award-winning sustainable revolution.

To discover how downtown waterfront living can be a reality, and to stay informed on new developments, be sure to register now and be a part of history.

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